Roller Dreams Premiere


Kate Hickey & Diana Ward have shared the following exciting news:

Roller Dreams will have its World Premiere in competition at the Sydney Film Festival on June 11!


Roller Dreams will have its International Premiere at the LA Film Festival
June 18th at NOON at the:
Archlight Cinema
395 Santa Monica Place
Santa Monica 90401

Roller Dreams is a humorous and poignant feature documentary about the rise and fall of the iconic Venice Beach roller dancing scene.
Created by
Kate Hickey & Diana Ward

 ∗ The Screening of Roller Dreams on  Sunday June 18th will be followed by Sunday Sk8ing and celebrating:-))


SIGN THE PETITION: PAVE THE WAY for the Venice Beach Skate Dancers

PAVE THE WAY for the Venice Beach Skate Dancers

Greetings Los Angeles Council Member Mike Bonin!

Venice Beach Roller Skaters as well as other skaters in and around the city are grateful to the County of Los Angeles, City of Los Angeles Parks & Rec and the tourists and regulars of Venice for establishing The Skate Dance Plaza in 2000. We have taught, educated and entertained the public most every weekend for the past 16 years. Now we need help FROM the City.

As great as our area is, Skate Dance Plaza needs a Facelift. The Venice Beach Skate Dance Association, a non profit California Corporation, along with the people, companies and entities listed below respectfully request that the city re-surface Skate Dance Plaza. We believe the restoration of The Skate Dance Plaza will ensure the continued safe enjoyment for locals, tourists and the many worldwide visitors that utilize and appreciate The Skate Dance Plaza every year.

We appreciate any and all help and/or suggestions as we move forward in keeping roller dance as popular an attraction as it was when it started in the 70’s. We love entertaining the families, tourists and Angelenos that enjoy us weekly and want to push roller dance even farther in the future. Repaving our home is the best step in that direction.

Thank you in advance, The Venice Beach Skate Dancers


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O G Skater Duval Stowers, aka Superman

Hi Everyone

We have lost one of our O G skaters Duval Stowers, aka Superman. I don’t have
many details except that he had recently been ill. There will be a memorial service for Duval on Friday November 20th at 11AM at McCormick Mortuary 1016 West 164th Street, Gardena, Ca. 90278.

We will be having a Memorial Skate for Duval on Sunday December 6th at 2:00 pm
at Skate Dance Plaza. Please wear a Superman T-shirt in his honor.

We have created a Facebook page entitled All about Duval.  Many of you have posted pictures heartfelt feelings, thoughts and your experiences with Duval on your Facebook pages .. you may also post them to this special page so that nothing gets lost in the sea of Facebook ..  or feel free to share them here.

Duval Stovers duval-supermanThe memorial was extraordinary, a heartfelt and beautifully executed celebration of Duval’s life. Some of us attended and we were welcomed and honored as Duval’s by his family and other friends.



ROLLERWAYS Short Documentary

ROLLERWAYS is a short documentary that surveys the LA roller skating scene and those who populate it. Ranging from the nostalgia of the rink and its charming organ music to the down-and-dirty scene of the roller derby, this film reveals universal truths that should permeate any scene in any city: find your passions, show love to others, live in the present, believe in yourself, and just don’t forget to have a good time. John C. Reilly and Snoop Dogg (aka “DJ Snoopadelic”) make guest appearances along the way.

Submitted by: Emma Baiada


Skaters Rally to Support Emergency Fund for Nelson

“Attention skaters one of out sk8 fam Nelson Bracamonte is a victim of an Arson fire to his vehicle. It was torched and all his stuff was destroyed. This happened a couple days ago. Im reaching out for him. Weather or not you know. If you can help contact via face book or cell if you have the number. Drop a word of encouragement; i cant imagine what he must be going through.”  ~ shared by Don Daman~

“Hi Everybody! Please help to contribute what you can to help Nelson Bracamonte to recover last night’s fire damages that completely destroyed his only means for work – van and photo equipment for more pictures see Nelson’s FB page. As many of you already expressed a desire to help, here is Nelson’s page to raise recovery funds.”  ~ shared by Vera Goldina~

“please help…..his van was set on fire and all his photography equip and comp stuff was in there and lost everything. ” ~ shared by Chris Gallo~

Someone committed ARSON on my van! Every thing inside is totally destroy .all my photography equipment destroyed. I reaching out to my friends for HELP!!!!” ~ shared by Nelson Bracamonte ~



Richard’s World


What:  Richard’s World

Where: Venice Beach Skate Dance Plaza in the Skate Park
Venice Beach, Los Angeles, Ca. 90291, 33.987355, -118.474992

When: September 13th, 2014, 1:30pm – 5pm

We will be Celebrating the WORLD OF RICHARD SCOTT with Family and Friends
Bring your skates or just Enjoy the Food, Music and Festivities

Dress: Summer Casual

Parking Areas:
Area # 1 Bank of America Parking Lot,  121 Windward Ave, Los Angeles 90291

Area # 2 Big Daddy’s Parking Lot, Southwest Corner of Speedway and Market Street

Your Host:  Pamela Pine

RSVP:   or    310-266-9062

World on Wheels is closing :-(

We (vbsk8dancers) are saddened over the announcement that WOW is closing. It is a huge loss to our sk8 community and leaves us no rinks in Los Angeles.  We realize that now one of the only sk8 venues now left in Los Angeles is Venice Beach so we would like to cordially invite all of the L A sk8ers to join the skating at Venice Beach Skate Dance Plaza.   It is a fun and friendly scene… and we have a DJ & sk8 most Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

With the closing of WOW perhaps it is time for the entire sk8 community of Los Angeles to come together and come up with some future plan to expand our sk8 community?  We welcome any suggestions as to how we can help.

Also, if you are not on our email list already, we suggest you go to the “Join Us” page to add get on our email list so you may receive the latest information about the music schedule.

Here is an article from the Los Angeles Times about the closing of World on Wheels which ran on June 22, 2013:

World on Wheels rolls to an end - Los Angeles Times - 22 June  2013

 Link to the Los Angeles Times article online